Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

Card processing for the funds donations to support the activities of the “Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation through the E-commerce platform, connected to our website www.hospice.md, implies the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Acceptance of the operation implies that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted.

The website www.hospice.md, hereinafter the “Site”, is the property of “Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation, located in Moldova, Chisinau, 40/1Alexandru cel Bun st., with the state identification number: 1015620002409.

The “E-commerce” platform, connected to our website www.hospice.md, is intended to collect funds for charity activities and social campaigns organized by “Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation.

2. Obligations

“Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation is committed to ensure the proper functioning of the donation platform.

“Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation undertakes to use the funds obtained through the fundraising platform according to the declared goals. At the request of the Donor, “Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation undertakes to inform about the used funds.

“Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation will not use donor personal data for other purposes, than the declared ones. 

3. Intellectual Property

The entire content of the Site (images, texts, graphics, symbols, WEB graphics, scripts, programs and other data) is the property of the “Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation and is protected by copyright law. 

4. Privacy Policy

The data requested by the Hospice Angelus Moldova Foundation will be used exclusively in the context of facilitating donations for the activities declared above.

The information obtained from the donor will not be made available to any individual, legal entity, institution, etc. unless it is justified by the law enforcement authorities to verify commercial transactions or in other cases provided by law and in accordance with the procedures established by these laws.

The personal data of the user will be used by the Hospice Angelus Moldova Foundation only for the stated purpose.

5. Donations and payments

Credit card donations (VISA and MASTERCARD) are made through the online donation processing service.

If the card currency and the donation currency do not coincide, then the conversion will be according to the rules of the card issuer.

The value of the selected donation is the net cost to be paid by the user with no extra charge.

The donated money will go directly to the “Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation, which has a contract with the processor of the payment. 

6. Unsolicited commercial messages

We assume that we will not spam anyone (email or other ways). 

7. Return Donation Policy

Donations can be returned to donors if they specifically request it. In this case, donors will send a written request to the “Hospice Angelus Moldova” Foundation within 30 calendar days from the time the donation was made, in which they will expressly request the return of the donated money. The donor will attach to this application the proof of donating this amount through the “E-commerce” platform connected to our website www.hospice.md. Request for donation return and proof of donation will be sent by e-mail to: info@hospice.md or by post to: 40/1 Alexandru cel Bun str., Chisinau, Moldova, tel: (+373 22) 24 48 50. 

8. Disputes and conflicts

Any attempted unauthorized access to the “E-commerce” platform connected to our website www.hospice.md and any attempted fraud will be reported to the competent authorities.

Any disputes, divergences or claims arising out of or in connection with this donation platform will be settled through amicable negotiations. If these negotiations fail within 30 calendar days of the dispute, it will be settled by the competent judicial courts of the Republic of Moldova.

General donor terms and conditions are accepted in full knowledge of the donor, the donation act implying the immediate and full acceptance of these terms.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the donor fully assumes these risks.

These Terms and Conditions may be changed at any time without notice.

9. Duration

The duration of this document is indefinite. The terms and conditions come into force at the time of publication.