How can you become a volunteer at Hospice Angelus?

If you want to become a volunteer at Hospice Angelus, please fill in the application form or write us at and you will be contacted by the coordinator as soon as possible to set up a meeting where you will learn more about how to join the HOSPICE volunteer team.

Who can work as a volunteer at Hospice Angelus Moldova?

Are you young and want to help the community you are part of?

Do you feel young and dynamic?

Come on, don’t check it out in your passport! Come now to help the saddest!

Angelus Moldova is the organization in which both Moldovan and foreign citizens work hand in hand.

Hospice Angelus Moldova is part of the European Voluntary Service (EVS) program and annually hosts volunteers from all across Europe. The program aims to strengthen active citizenship, solidarity and mutual understanding among young people. This is due to volunteer work done in one of the European countries that volunteers choose. Therefore, EVS is a non-formal learning program where young people gain professional experience, increase their employment prospects, have the opportunity to travel and exchange intercultural. Find out more about the program by visiting this link.

The mission of the Angelus Moldova Foundation as a host organization is to provide personal and professional support to young people throughout the voluntary service, to train and guide volunteers in their work, and to ensure the comfort and integration of volunteers in the institution they work in. The Angelus Moldova Foundation functions as a host organization for more than 7 years. From the beginning of 2018 in Hospice Angelus Moldova, two volunteers from France and Germany are active.

Why Hospice Angelus? We give you at least 10 reasons to become a volunteer at our team:

  • Help patients with cancer or other illnesses whose incurable disease is in the terminal stage – less than 12 months;
  • Develop your working skills;
  • Make a new circle of friends and acquaintances;
  • You receive a volunteer card and this is equivalent to the work card;
  • Communicate with international volunteers from the foundation and develop your linguistic skills in English, German, French, Russian etc.;
  • Raise smiles on the saddest faces;
  • Spend your free time for yourself and society;
  • Get involved in the Fundraising, Medical, Administrative and Logistics / Human Resources departments, from which you learn how to work individually and team-based;
  • You gain a lot of positive experience and energy;
  • You are involved in organizing and attending Hospice Angelus Moldova events;
  • Hospice Angelus Moldova will not let you get bored

Find the domain of interest for you:

  • assisting adults and children with reduced mobility in the park while walking;
  • Creation and making of objects to be put up for sale in charitable fundraising events (handmade, painting, etc.);
  • Assistance in fundraising events;
  • telephone conversations with patients;
  • graphic;
  • beauty (haircuts, manicure, massage);
  • web design;
  • photo & photo editing;
  • developing articles;
  • translations etc.

If you have abilities in other spheres of activity than those indicated above, do not hesitate to develop them by engaging in the work of the Angelus Moldova Foundation!

We will be happy to have you around and smile with those who have forgotten to smile. We will give you all the support during your work as a volunteer. Each volunteer has a signed contract with Angelus Moldova Medico-Social Philanthropic Foundation and a personal file that records the volunteer hours and, on request, letters of recommendation and / or attestation certificates are issued.

Haven’t we convinced you? Then we invite you to our headquarters to see that we are suitable.